Fareham Art Group holds an annual exhibition to celebrate the artistic achievements of its members throughout the year. The exhibition is usually held in the autumn.

Fareham Art Group Annual Exhibition 2020

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Fareham Art Group. After much consideration, the committee has reluctantly taken the decision to cancel our autumn exhibition this October.  We were all looking forward to the new and exciting event to showcase our work, but unfortunately all the indications show that  we are unlikely to be able to hold the event in a way which maintains the Governments guidelines. Our thanks to the exhibition committee for all of their efforts.

Our annual exhibition is a celebratory event, we would want to ensure members could have an enjoyable private view evening, and that the public were not restricted from browsing the exhibition or indeed any of the new activities that we had planned to take place during the event.  I hope you’ll fully understand why we’ve had to take this unpopular decision, but like us will look forward to making the exhibition in 2021 our best ever.

Exhibition guidelines

Rules for Exhibiting Please read carefully & fully

1. Only full members of the Fareham Art Group may exhibit – your Membership number is required on the entry form.

2. Exhibits must be an original work of art (e.g. painting, sculpture or pottery), you are responsible for the originality of your own work. Copyright of all work remains the property of the artist. Fareham Art Group will not be held responsible for any work exhibited by members that infringes copyright law. You may work from photographs provided you have exclusive permission to do so in writing, or are the copyright owner. If you have copied a painting by another artist, an acknowledgement to the original artist must be made which will be shown on the exhibition label. Source material must be made available on request. Non-compliance may result in work being refused or removed from the exhibition.

3. Photocopies or photographs should only be included where they form part of a mixed media picture. Computer generated work is not allowed.

4. Prints may be accepted in the portfolio display stand providing that they conform to strict quality guidelines. They must be Giclee prints, produced on archival quality fine art paper, 100% acid-free cotton rag. Limited edition prints must be clearly marked with the length of print run along with the number of the actual print e.g. 46/100. Anything making contact with the print must be acid-free, including cellophane sheets or pockets, mount board, tape and any storage or packing materials used prior to mounting and displaying. Your entry must be clearly marked that it is a Giclee print and state what weight and type of paper was used.

5. Up to 3 full size paintings are allowed, although limits may differ for each exhibition. In case of over-subscription, please list them in the order that you would like them hung. If there is insufficient space, you may not be able to have your third exhibit hung. If this occurs you will be notified and a refund of the appropriate entry fee will be made.

6. Exhibitors are advised to make their own arrangements for insurance protection against damage or theft. Fareham Art Group will take care of member’s work whilst it is in their care; however any work submitted is on the understanding that any loss or damage incurred is entirely at the artist’s risk. Fareham Art Group cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage however caused.

7. The size of each picture must be within the specified limit. Paintings must not exceed 24 x 27 inches (including frames). If you have a painting that exceeds either of these measurements you must first contact the exhibition organiser who will register your request and advise you if space is available once all entries have been received. Paintings received without prior approval will not be accepted.

8. Miniatures (including frames) must not exceed 6 x 4 ½ inches. Paintings that exceed either of these measurements will be treated as full sized paintings and the appropriate hanging fee charged.

9. Box-type canvasses are acceptable unframed for hanging and the sides of the canvas must also be painted. Unframed box-type canvasses will not be accepted as a portfolio entry.

10. Clipped frames will not be accepted neither will photo frames which still have the back stand attached.

11. All pictures must be of suitable nature and must be presented to a good standard. This includes mounting and framing where appropriate. The Exhibition Committee reserves the right to refuse to hang any piece of work which is not deemed to be of a suitable standard or content.

12. Each painting must bear the name of the artist, title, medium and price by means of a label adhered to the back of the painting. Paintings received without this label will not be accepted. Last updated – 26/06/2019 Rules for Exhibiting Please read carefully & fully 13. Only “D” rings and cords should be fixed to the rear of the frame of the picture approx. one third down, ready for hanging, MAKING SURE THE CORDS ARE TAUT. Please ensure that they will support the weight of the painting.

14. Paintings will not be accepted if screw-in type rings or any other fixings are used. Refer to the pictures below.

15. Unframed flat paintings will only be accepted for inclusion in the portfolio rack. They must be placed in appropriate plastic covers or folders to protect them. They must also bear the name of the artist, title, medium and price by means of a label adhered to the back of the painting. Shallow box canvasses will not be accepted within the portfolio rack.

16. All details on the entry form must be fully completed at the time of submission.

17. Submission forms must be received by the advised deadline date. Submissions received or amended after this date will not be accepted.

18. Submissions will only be accepted on the hanging day if they match exactly as listed on the entry form. Any variations to the list will not be accepted.

19. The Exhibition Committee reserves the right to decline submissions if there are size / space constraints or if the appropriate hanging fixtures are not used.

20. Entry fees vary and will be advised for each exhibition and payment is required with your entry form.

21. Commission fees vary and will be advised for each exhibition.

22. Exhibitors are required to make themselves available to undertake a short period of stewarding during the exhibition. Kindly complete your availability on the stewarding form and return this with your entry form and fees. If you are unable to do any stewarding please note this on the form and return it as above.

23. Members who are not exhibiting are very welcome to steward or help out in other ways. Please complete the stewarding form and return as above. This should be returned to the address as instructed for exhibition or handed to a Committee member at one of the workshops or monthly meetings.

24. A maximum of 20 cards and 20 craft and / or jewellery items can be accepted per exhibitor. Knitted items will not be accepted. All cards are to be individually wrapped in cellophane and individually priced.

25. A maximum number of 3 sculptures or pottery items can be accepted per exhibitor. All items must be individually priced.

Exhibition picture hanging fixings

The following pictures show the hanging fixings that are acceptable:

Exhibition guidelines image - suitable fixings
Exhibition guidelines image – suitable fixings

The following pictures show the hanging fixings that are NOT acceptable:

Exhibition guidelines image 2 - unsuitable fixings for exhibition entries
Exhibition guidelines image 2 – unsuitable fixings for exhibition entries