Friendly Robin by Marguerite Payne

Members monthly update – June 2020

Dear members

I hope you are keeping safe and well and managing to get outside in this lovely weather.  That little bit of rain has made everything in the garden and the hedgerows perk up – and it’s perfect for sketching challenge topic – Plant Life.

If you’ve not managed to get your sketchbook started you can check out all the information on our new website Summer Sketchbook Challenge Blog.

The website is looking lovely, with over 130 of members paintings displayed there!  Thank you to everyone who has sent in pictures of their lockdown paintings.  If you’ve not visited the site yet you’re in for a treat:  You can access it on your phone, tablet or computer – our new site is designed to work on any device.

We’re continuing to follow the governments guidance on staying safe and await information on when we are able to resume activities.  We’ll keep you posted using newsletters on our website and by email.  We know that not everyone uses email so the website is a useful alternative.

Meanwhile, we’ve got activities underway that you can join in with.  You can:

  • Share your lockdown paintings with us and we’ll add them to the Lockdown Gallery on our website
  • Enter the Val Carter Wildlife Competition (see below)
  • Join in with the sketchbook challenge (see below)

With the gradual easing of the Government’s lockdown instructions we’re delighted to advise that the Committee have agreed we can go ahead with a revised schedule of outdoor summer painting days.

It’s important to remind everyone that we are all responsible for keeping ourselves safe during these events, so anyone who is attending is responsible for keeping themselves and others safe by following the guidance on social distancing that is current at the time of the event.  If you are ever in any doubt do check the governments website for full guidance – the newspapers sometimes aren’t the clearest or most accurate source of information.  (

Full details are here on our website: Summer Painting Days

To ensure that only members have access to this page I have put a password on the full details.  When the box comes up asking for your password enter the password that was sent to you by email. If you’ve forgotten the password, please get in touch using the contact us tab on the website.

Other news

The Val Carter Wildlife Competition

The competition is open for entries in any medium on the subject ‘Wildlife’, we’ve had a number of entries already, so thank you to everyone who has submitted them.

We will be providing a members appraisal (online) and vouchers for the winner along with certificates too. 

The closing date for entries is 16 July 2020.  Send your entries to

Feedback will be provided online and awards announced on 30th July

Link to the competition:  New! Online Competition and Appraisal

Summer Sketchbook Challenge

This summer’s challenge is also open for entries and again thank you to those who have already shared their sketches with us.  Again, we’ll be awarding a prize for the best entry so please take some pictures of your sketches from the summer and send them in to

Link to how to enter the sketchbook challenge: Summer Sketchbook Challenge